Flexfit 6277 Fitted Work Harder Leather Patch Hat #DH012

$24.49 $34.99

Dark Brown - Flexfit 6277 Fitted Work Harder Leather Patch Hats. Support Blue Collar. If you Work Hard Own it, FlexFit fitted hats. Now available, Show Results EARN Respect - Work Harder hats to the Dirt Hustlin’ collection.

Dirt Hustlin’ is a custom designed, signature brand. Apparel that is sure to strike up a conversation just about anywhere! You know if you’re a dirt hustler… Join us as a community and help us set an example for the up-comers of this nation. As a family we are proud of the shop we built and the products we create in it. We print in the USA, we sell exclusively in the USA! Custom hats for yourself or as a gift!

Our designs are custom made originals -- Print to order.

Item Details:
Now offering a stylish and versatile hat to the Dirt Hustlin’ collection. The Flexfit, made from a high-quality blend of Cotton-Poly/Spandex fabric, specifically selected as your go to choice for all day comfort on the job or casual wear. This hat has a soft cotton sweatband that ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day. Dirt Hustlin’s script is embroidered on the front left side of the hat. Classic one size fits most.


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